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Transportation service between hotels, airport and cruise port in South and Central Florida

When it comes to your transportation concerns within the areas of Miami, Ft Lauderdale and other surrounding areas; let KMC Transtours handle your concerns. With a grip on top-notch service, we make sure to give you the satisfaction you deserve.

Whether traveling by group or individually, we understand how it is important to have a shuttle whenever you need one. With a number of comfortable shuttles to choose from, we offer clients not just a choice but service that is unrivaled by other transportation companies in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the rest of Florida.

We serve you with top quality transportation between your hotel, an airport and cruise port in South and Central Florida. With pride in providing quality shuttle services from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale and vice versa, not only will we meet your expectations, we can guarantee to deliver service that is an experience in its own rite.

With our experienced drivers to keep you on time with your appointment, whether you are headed to the airport or going to the port for your cruise, we make sure to get you there on time! Serving from Ft Lauderdale to Miami, we cover different ends of client transportation concerns.

KMC Transtours also provides private transportation to major airports for most size groups. Our shuttles consist of 10, 14 and 25 passengers all comfortably seated.

KMC TRANSTOURS can transport your family to and from hotels, seaports, to day trips, overnight trips or we can adapt to your needs. We can transport any size groups; we have 14 passenger buses and 25 passenger buses available.

And who says traveling in-group has to be always expensive? With our quality shuttle service, we give you the opportunity to choose from our line of shuttles for a very affordable price! Among the most competitively priced shuttle service companies in Fort Lauderdale and other parts of Florida, we make sure to give you the best bang for your buck!